1. A

    Improve your drone edits!!

    If this was helpful to anybody, please let me know!
  2. Henrik Olsen

    Amazing Pilot Skills - Can YOU do it?

    One of the greatest drone moves is the pullback or a dronie, where you pull back and climb with the drone. Imagine the skills needed to move smoothly backward while passing one or multiple narrow passages. In this video, I will show you some mind-blowing pullbacks, performed by one of the most...
  3. artheserenity

    Improving you Pilot Skills

    What does everyone do to improve their flying skills? I really enjoy flying to get that Cinematic look when videoing my subject and was interested in what others do to improve their skills as a pilot. I’d also be interested if you have a “go to” flight plan as such, or just “wing it” on the...