1. Joshua Horn

    Skiing Through the Southern Snowpocalypse

    Just posted my first drone edit.... Having some fun in this weekend's snow with a Jeep, some old skis, and my Phantom 3 Standard. When a blizzard drops a whopping 2" of snow in North Carolina, many of us hunker down with a good supply of milk, bread and eggs. Some of us dig out some 30 year...
  2. See Norway

    Holmenkollen ski jump NORWAY (Holmenkollbakken)

    Hi peepz of the internet. Just finished editing this video of a day spent in Holmenkollen. Please check it out, peace out! If you like it, please check out the rest of my channel: SeeNorway
  3. nark

    Filmed in Austria @ 10,800 ft with P3P

    Hi guys! Just got back from Austria and wanted to share with you the movie filmed with P3P @ 10,800 ft @ -5°C (Some parts of the movie, the other parts are with GoPro 4 Black) Looking forward for any good or bad feedback! Thank you! PS: Watch in HD :)
  4. P

    Glenshee Scotland - glorious sunshine on the last day of winter.

    Beautiful weather in Scotland this weekend. A short 1 hour drive from my home to Glenshee, allowed me to get some great shots of the Ski Centre, Glenshee and the fabulous hills that surround the glen. I have climbed them all, so I now love be able to see them from a different perspective. Enjoy...