1. Luke Skywalker

    Memory Card Size

    Does anyone know the largest size memory card the drone will accept? I have a 64gig and a 200gig but want to be sure it will accept them.
  2. embayweather

    Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire

    As we are supposed to keep LOS with our drones, it would suggest that the bigger the drone the farther away it could be allowed to go. The question which this raises for me as I consider moving on from a P3P would be does the relative size of these units really make a lot of difference in the...
  3. M

    Size Camera Sensor Phantom 4

    Hello, I need to know the exact size of the Phantom 4 sensor. On the website they report a measure in inches 1 / 2.3 , but this measure is that of the sensor ? Diagonal , Width , Height ? On the lens specifications, it informs that has a focal length of 20mm to 35mm value sensor format. So...
  4. J

    tablet and size

    guys.. any recommendations on tablet and size? I'm currently using my Samsung s6 but alas it is a little small.. looking at the samsung s2 either 8" or 9.7"...... is 9.7" a little big though? I'm liking the 8" but would like to hear what everyone else's setup is... do share.
  5. T

    DJI phantom 3 foam template Go professional backpack

    Hi all! :) Anyone who owns a go professional backpack (std or limited) and can provide me with some size measurements? Got an rush 72 from earlier and got the foam but want to have the size of the foam, how thick the bottom is, and the main pocket for the phantoms legs and more if possible so...