1. D


    Hi there I'm trying to simulate a copter mission in MP. The python script that I'm writing must check for the existence of a file in some specific directory. This file is a QGC formated (.waypoints) file including the waypoints to follow and some other actions. In case of such file existence...
  2. David Cooke

    No camera view in simulation mode

    How do you get a camera view in sim mode. It does not say there isn't one. Gimbal works camera settings even histogram works in sim mode but cannot find any way to see a camera view Thanks
  3. David Cooke

    Phantom 4 Sim App?

    Is there a Phantom 4 Simulation APP like the P3 Pro? . . looks like not . . anyone know if there will be
  4. S

    Just ordered my P3P need advice on recommended accessories, etc

    Hello everybody. I just purchased the P3P mainly for still photography (not much video - YET) and have a number of questions as I am a newbie. I was wondering a number of things. 1. Which sites/stores would you recommend for quality accessories 2. What accessories would you recommend? 3...