1. frands1

    My New Phantom 4, New YT channel and New Video (Simple 1st day Setup)

    Hi community. I sold my P4 and bought me a P4 Pro. I wanted to share my first day video, for initial setup. My YT channel is mostly about spanish content but this video has Spanish and English information. It's very simple so it won't help many of the users here, but it can maybe be useful for...
  2. Nick Wenzel

    Making a P3 Standard look less ugly/more like the P4?

    Hey everyone, I purchased a P3 standard a few weeks back. I wanted to know if anyone has any tips for cleaning it up and making it look nicer/simpler. I've started by removing the colorful bands. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Nick :)
  3. B

    Suggestions for googles for use with Phantom 4

    I'm interested in using a simple display that I can wear on my head to replace my phone as a monitor when flying FPV on my Phantom 4 because the phone screen is almost invisible in any sort of daylight! I don't want any sort of VR experience, I just want to see what the drone sees whilst...