signal strength

  1. joeruby

    What do the two signal bar graphs really measure?

    What does the RC app up-link and the down-link bar indicators really measure? I am using the Litchi app with my P3P, but the same questions goes for the DJI-Go app. That is: 1) Does the up-link indicator measure the RC transmitter RF output power sent to the AC? Does this measurement depend on...
  2. M

    What Is The Power Output?

    I thought I'd post some peak wattage info which might be useful. I got this from FCC ID Search which allows you to enter the FCC ID number found on the back of any RF device to get wattage info. PVT581 controller: .059 watts NPVT581 controller: .062 watts RE500 extender: .0317 watts RE700...