signal drop

  1. R


    I have a phantom 4 and it is all up to date with its soft ware but i am getting broken video trans and the display keeps saying "signal lost" its driving me nuts and i cant find a fix anywhere. does anyone have a fix !!
  2. secretum

    Losing Signal At Close Range Randomly?

    Hello, I have had my P3S for a few months now, and have had none of these issues prior. I once was able to get it over 1.25 miles away, and then it lost signal and RTH. I took it out as normal the other day, and for some odd reason, I am losing signal as VERY close ranges. I go 50' up and I get...
  3. S

    Standard Rapid sporadic signal drop after installing ARGtek extender

    Let me preface by saying I am still a novice pilot. The phantom 3 Standard is my first drone and I've been flying it for a little over a month. Living in West Virginia I noticed a pretty limited range with the stock antenna. I can only assume this is due to the mountainous region. I bought...