1. J

    Camera Settings and Shutter Buttons not availablie

    My drone flies wonderfully and there is an image coming through on the DJI go app. However I'm not able to take photos or videos, adjust settings or even reformat my sd because the buttons are simply not there in the DJI go app on iOS (photo attached) and greyed out on android. I have tried...
  2. D

    Phantom is Vibrating and video has MASSIVE jello.

    Hi, my name is Weston, and I'm trying to use my Phantom 3 standard for real estate video, but the bird vibrates like crazy, and the gimbal can't compensate, so video is unusable. I've tried shooting at 1/50th Shutter speed with a ND Filter, and that helps a bit, but video still unusable. I've...
  3. L

    Can't get a manual exposure slower than 1/50

    I've had this drone for about a year, yet I've still not been able to get a long enough exposure time...the slowest shutter speed I can get is 1/50
  4. Henrik Olsen

    How FPS links to Shutter Speed?

    Understanding how frame rate links to shutter speed will instantly to improve your footage and prevent it from being jerky and stuttering during playback. This is a basic intro getting you started if you are new to this
  5. B

    Trigger image shot externally in Phantom 3 Pro

    I am having an application that needs to trigger the image shot externally on the Phantom 3 Pro. I know that you can shot the image by tapping on the GO App or set an interval to take images automatically. But I need to synchronize the image shot (the precise timestamp when the image takes) with...
  6. R

    Recording button sensitive

    Hi, I just purchased the P3A and I am really enjoying it. However on the remote controller the Recording button is super sensitive and can even be triggered by gently touching any of the surrounding plastic casing that surrounds the actual button, such as left of the gimbal control. The Button...