shutter speed

  1. T

    Shutter speed fraction not fps

    does anyone know why my shutter speed is showing as a fraction I.e 1/60 instead of FPS?? and how to I change it back!?!
  2. D

    setting up and correct settings

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I received my Phantom 4 pro Drone and have not flown yet as I find the most important part right now to have everything set correctly. I watched some videos from experienced users from whom I loved the quality in their video's and took over strongly recommended...
  3. Henrik Olsen

    How FPS links to Shutter Speed?

    Understanding how frame rate links to shutter speed will instantly to improve your footage and prevent it from being jerky and stuttering during playback. This is a basic intro getting you started if you are new to this
  4. frehr

    Best shuttertime for videos > 60 fps

    Hi all I have understood that the best shutterspeed is double the framerate. And when I shoot in 24 fps the shutterspeed should be 1/60 On my P3 advanced I have the possibillty to shoot in 1080/50 fps. And then the shutter should be 1/100 or 1/120 My thoughts were that that would make the...
  5. SoCalDude

    Does a Video have EXIF Camera Information?

    I know there are some basic information embedded within a video file, but what about information relating to the camera and camera settings used when capturing the video? I want to look at videos of mine and see what the shutter speed and ISO settings used in the capture.
  6. D

    Video 120p

    I made video in 120p, but image is really not sharp as 50p or 4K. I did some tests in auto, and manual by adjusting the shutter speed 120 and 240 but without result. What do you think about?
  7. Scott7161

    How to adjust shutter speed in DJI Go App

    I enjoy doing some long exposure photography with the Phantom but recently I cannot find the setting to adjust the length of the exposure. I used to be able to do 2 second or 4 second exposures. ** Edit - figured it out - just needed to select the shutter speed and now I see I can adjust it...
  8. B

    Confused over camera settings (P3A)

    I am trying to figure out how to change the VIDEO ISO and shutter speed settings on my P3A. When in video mode, I can change framerates and resolution, but can't figure out how to change ISO and Shutter speed. I can see those settings for still pictures, but not video. Does adjusting the still...
  9. J

    Which Filters!!!

    Hey guys, New to Aerial Videography and recently purchased a Phantom 3 standard, I'm looking to reduce the lag and introduce a more cinematic motion blur to match 24fps/50shutter on the video. Unsure as to go with a simple ND or Polariser and which strength/brand/product would you recommend...