1. R

    "Timed Shot" - very limited interval

    I was was already surpised when I tested my Inspire 1 Pro a year ago. While it is capable to record 4K video, it cannot shoot more than one image every two seconds. Now I must learn that the exact same limitation applies for the P4P too. Why? Why is it possible to record a 4K / 60 frames...
  2. tml4191

    Aerial Shot Dana Point

    I know it's a little overexposed, but this was taken when I first got the phantom. Here's the link: SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  3. jp_flkeys

    Stuck In HDR Shooting Mode

    The other day I was up taking photos in Single Shot mode, I decided to try HDR on my last photo to see how it comes out. Now I'm stuck on HDR mode and cannot change it back to Single Shot. Any suggestions or reasons why this might happen? I was shooting Raw + Jpg at the time, I was think since I...
  4. Malakai

    A useful tool I use for pre-planning a shoot

    Google Earth Pro... with a little something extra!! As its free for a pro license now and its free to use I use the google earth program to pre-plan my shoots. To get a really good idea of what I want from the shoot and how it will look when Im up in the air. Before I have even taken off or...
  5. D

    Drone shot down in New Zealand by Hunter

    See the other angle and read more about it: Drone shot down while filming
  6. T

    phantom 3 adv shots

    Hi! what do you think about photos taken by a phantom 3 adv? are they in an high quality or at the same price (or a little bit higher) i can find a drone that takes better shots?
  7. dougvg

    Photo modes fail to change occasionally

    Hi all, When I switch from AEB to single shot and vice versa, the mode sometimes fails to change. The RC reacts as though it has changed (5 quick clicks when in AEB, for instance), but the camera only takes a single shot. Also, when I've switched to single shot from AEB, the RC click's once...