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  1. T

    Short Film Featuring Phantom 4 Pro

    Hi everyone. I'm a filmmaker and recently purchased a P4P and trained to fly in order to use in my films. Here is the first result -- the teaser-trailer for my short film, VIRTUALLY. Hopefully I will be shooting the rest of the film later this fall, with lots more P4P shots.... Virtually |...
  2. Skyer

    Phantom 3 Advanced Compilation

    Here are my latest P3A videos: And here's a short compilation of previous videos (see full versions in my YT channel): Questions, comments, and feedback are always appreciated!
  3. Skyer

    Short films - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi everyone! Here are the first short videos I've put together with footage from my P3A: High speed... Backyard fun... Landmark... Over water... Landscape... Comments, likes, and new subscribers are always appreciated! Skyer
  4. Energy Guy

    Short Solar System Overflight

    A 60 kW Community Solar Project on the Harbor History Museum, Gig Harbor , Washington November 2015
  5. S

    Made a short film with my dad for fun, using the P3 Pro for some shots.

    I'm super interested in the use of aerial perspectives in film, so I made this little idea for fun around Donegal, Ireland, which has some stunning scenery (in my opinion anyway!). I'm really happy with how the Phantom shots turned out. (If you're only interested in those shots, you can see them...