shield k1

  1. NimpoCub

    Nvidia K1 repair?

    I've bricked my Nvidia shield K1. Where can I send it for repair (preferably in Canada) Searched Nvidia site, here, google, no joy.
  2. NRJ

    Nvidia Shield K1 (2nd edition)

    The Nvidia Shield K1 has been touted on this forum as one of the greatest tablets for the DJI Phantom drones or most Remote Controllers that can handle an Android tablet. However, Nvidia ran out of stock completely the world over as far as I can tell from this forum. I couldn't buy one anywhere...
  3. A

    DJI Mobile device holder required for NVIDEA Shield K1?

    Planning on buying the NVIDEA Shield K1 for my drone, but would like to know if the Extended mount will be enough, or do I need to install the new holder for it? Thanks!