1. P

    Litchi for two drone at the same time?

    hello, I am a happy user of Litchi app. in order to take pics for a large area, I am planning to have two teams for the project. that means... each team will fly drone at the same time in a different places. can I use the same litchi account for both teams?
  2. G

    Excellent Idea 2 share commercial experiences

    Great to see and have, this chance to share commercial drone operators experiences.
  3. Techcop50

    DJI Soon Beaming straight to Smart TVs...

    Anyone else seen this? DJI streams drone footage to your television
  4. D

    How do most people store/manage their video?

    I notice when many people share their video it is via a Dropbox link. Is this where most people keep their video? It seems kind of hard to organize/manage in a file system. Are there any good apps that make it easy to store, organize, and share? Thanks in advance!
  5. thefrisbee995

    Found The Best Place To Post Your Drone Videos!!

    Somebody suggested on one of my Youtube videos that I should check something called "airvuz" out. I did and I got a good few views in the last 12 hours with it and more comments than I have in months on Youtube. I think everyone here should check it out. You can easily paste your youtube video...
  6. KevinMason

    Share Pictures And Videos For Feedback!

    Share Pictures And Videos For Feedback!
  7. thefrisbee995

    Does anyone have Facebook pages they share their drone pics on?

    If so, put the links in the responses to this thread? Would be nice to follow some of you guys on here! 需要安全验证