1. furthertofly

    Above Fisher Towers #2

    P4P+; near Moab, Utah.
  2. furthertofly

    N. Six-Shooter Peak and its shadow at sunset.

    Indian Creek district, outside Canyonlands NP, Utah. La Sal Mountains and Moab in the distance. Shot at about 1 km distance and 500 m altitude on a cold afternoon in late November.
  3. AWD

    Why call Bat Man?

    When you can call "Drone Man"!! For those of you who don't get the "Drone Man" shadow and Bat Man, ask your dad. I was out doing some night ATTI work and with the P4 behind me and just coming up on my back, I caught this shot on the screen. Actually it took several "takes" to get it to come...
  4. F

    Shadow Boxing with Phantom

    Hey All, Any idea how to get rid of the reflection/shadow of the copter whilst flying on low sunset? Please! Apart from not flying during of course! :)