1. Infinite_parts

    Service pricing for Phantom repairs / Part lists

    Hi guys, Not sure if anyone touched / shared info of this already therefore making new post. Two main questions: 1. Is there a place you can find some DJI drone servicing prices? Maybe some service center has shared their price list or you know where to check online? All what I see is “Send in...
  2. brendon_c

    Help! DJI Repair Quote - Am I being robbed?

    I purchased the Phantom 4 Pro on 10 November 2017. The very first time I calibrated the aircraft I noticed that the gimbal was trying to move in the opposite direction and making a strange sound. I thought this was normal because I had only just unpacked it from the box. I have only flown the...
  3. TMM777

    DJI SERVICE IS NOT HONEST...or are they just overwhelmed?

    June 22nd sent in Phantom 4 pro for repair on the camera. The mechanical shutter didn't work and the horizon couldn't be corrected. The aircraft flew great. flying was really amazing. Nothing wrong with the my aircraft at all. The issue was only in the camera and associated parts. Several days...
  4. G

    LA County anyone?

    Im about to get married and id like some special drone services at the wedding. I want my wife's ring to be lowered or dropped into a specific location. Can this be done? Im willing to pay of course. Please post thoughts or comments below. The wedding will be in Lancaster, California.
  5. H

    No response from DJI

    It has been at least 2 weeks now since I left a request on DJI's contact us page asking about procedure to go through to send a P3 Std in for service. My local Hobby Town shop had taken a look at it, and, apparently, had been in contact with DJI, and they told Hobby Town that the unit needed to...
  6. D

    Beware of DJI’s horrible customer support!

    Beware of DJI’s horrible customer support! A motor died on my Phantom 3 Professional, so I sent it in for repair on Feb 13, 2017. After a week, they claimed the drone was repaired and sent it back. But they accidentally sent me back a Phantom 3 4k – a significantly lower-model drone. I...
  7. P

    Phantom Thailand tells me no more support for P2

    Went to Phantom Thailand to ask for a small screw which came off my camera so cam is hanging loose, but they told me DJI does not provide any any any parts for Phantom 2, also no batteries no nothing. I am furious that DJI stopped supporting us. So obviously wants us to throw away P2 and buy the...
  8. M

    Need help. DJI won't cover flyaway crash. Ignores flight data.

    Hey Everyone! I'm sorry if this isn't the correct area for this post. If it isn't just let me know. This post will be kind of long.... So I've been wanting to get into this hobby for ages now. I finally saved enough and was persuaded by my wife enough to finally buy a drone (P4). I flew it...
  9. D

    DJI puts UPS shipping service in Danger?

    Better training in the shipping department is needed. Three batteries were damaged during shipping. There was no note stating not to deny the package and have it returned to sender and now its in transit back to DJI damaged and I can't stop it, part of this is UPS fault for not noting it was...