sensor issue

  1. Skyler King III

    Top corners of images are black...Wassup?

    See attached. No filter is attached. I have this on all of my images. Any ideas?
  2. W

    P4 Sensor Calibration Issues

    Hi, ON my DJI Go App it tells me that I have several sensor issues. (see pic) When I go to try and calibrate the using the DJI assistant it goes through the tutorial and tells me "incorrect alignment method" and the Start Calibration button is always greyed out. What am I doing wrong? Thanks...
  3. A

    P4 climbing beyond max and landing hard

    I was flying my P4 along a river and climbing slowly, I then decided to climb a bit quicker to get a more expansive shot and heard the motors go to max. P4 was about 240 metres along the river at this time. I released all sticks and watched as the altitude kept rising rapidly. DJI Go app...