sdk 2.4

  1. P

    Unable to register demo application by using the DJISDK

    I followed the AdnroidStudio tutorial mentioned in this link. Integrate SDK into Application - DJI Mobile SDK Documentation I keep on getting the error: register sdk failed, check if network is available Looking at the "adb logcat" provides me with a detailed error: Can you guys help me...
  2. R

    P3S sd card

    Hi guys, I am having a couple of problems with my sd card, recently I bought a Phantom 3 Standard, it came with an 8gb Scandisk SD card that works just fine, but since I am filming in 2.7K it records about 23 min untill it´s full. I figured to buy a bigger Sd card so I bought a Kingstone 32gb...
  3. louforgiveno

    Litchi version 2.4 and sdk 2.4

    I have litchi and firmware 1.04 and have always updated litchi up till the 2.4.x versions came out with a changelog that mentions new imposed limits. My question is if i update to the latest litchi are the limits included or are they just prepared for the next firmware 1.05? i don't want to...