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    iPad mini 4 or iPad Pro 9.7 or iPad Air?

    Hi all, I know there's been a few threads on this already, but I'm looking for a few specific answers and hope you can help! I would like to upgrade from using my iPhone 6 as the screen on the remote to something a bit bigger where I can see more details and frame my shots better. - Which...
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    Which iPAD model do you suggest to fly with Phantom 3 Professional?

    I am currently using a 4.7 inch phone with P3P controller which is too small. I plan to buy either an iPhone 6+, iPAD mini 4 or iPAD air 2 to fly with P3P. What is your suggestion on the screen size? Thanks.
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    iPad Mini + cellular for professionals

    Hi, we all know that - for all those folks that can afford it - the iPad + cellular models are the way to go because of the GPS sensor and ability to DL the maps, I would ask: how many professional pilots shoot with an iPad Mini Retina? Of course a bigger screen is better, but thieved Air...