screen mirror mirroring

  1. B

    Tablet as second monitor for Nvidia Shield

    I have several ANDROID tablets laying around and am trying to figure out how to use one as a second monitor for my NVidia Shield to avoid the cost of buying an external monitor. I do have an ipad I could use but prefer no to because it is on its last leg. I also have a Kindle Fire HD but that...
  2. Pegasus Robin

    P3P iOS screen sharing

    Hi all Still anticipating the arrival of my P3P so in preparation, I'm looking for some info on how it's possible to do screen sharing on iOS. I've downloaded litchi vue and I've seen another app called dji screen share. Can anyone give me some guidance as to which of the 2 are better apps, if...
  3. CRO

    Screen-Mirroring between tablet and laptop

    Hello! I have a P4 for 3 weeks now and I am very excited with it, it is perfect!! I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8") with the drone. I would like to screen-mirror my Tab to my windows-10 laptop, so that the family can watch, next to me. I want a solution without cables and without internet...