1. jamesmorano

    Explore Vlog: Peekamoose Trail Catskills

    I took a trip to explore the Peekamoose region of the Catskills with Bob Wulff and Anthony Pasini. We came across a really nice waterfall and also a nice river that runs into a swim-hole. The weather wasn't great it even rained but, the weather held out for me to capture some footage. All the...
  2. jamesmorano

    Abandoned Places: Bannerman Castle

    Drone video I shot of an abandoned castle known as Bannerman Castle. Bannerman Castle is located in Fishkill, NY on a 6.5 acre island called Pollepel Island. The island sits right in the Hudson river about 500 feet off the shore. Bannerman Castle was used as a military surplus warehouse in the...
  3. Camera King

    Wild and Scenic

    So this is just my second effort at creating a video and each one I try, I learn more. But first...the legalities. Music was donated by and is titled" Acoustic Breeze". So this clip from our local Rogue River which starts its life from the drainage from Crater Lake...
  4. J

    Multnomah Falls (542 foot drop) in 4K

    Hope everyone likes my latest!! :)
  5. J


  6. K

    Scotlands Route 66.. North Coast 500

    A few clips thrown together showing some parts of the Scottish Highlands North Coast 500
  7. A

    Good apps to scout locations

    I find myself always hunting for good scenic spots and also suitable take off/land point near them. Do people have recommendations for apps or techniques they use to scout locations?
  8. N

    "Sunrise" - A flight near the fort

    This was my 3rd flight with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Woke up early in the morning to catch the sunrise, continue practicing my flying skills at an empty beach and taking advantage of the light to capture some different views of this location.
  9. K

    Castles and Cliffs

    Little Edit 2 ancient castles both dating back to 1400's Far North of Scotland
  10. AndyGB

    Auchterhouse Hill, near Dundee in Scotland