1. matt1221

    Being Harrassed When Flying

    I have been flying for just over a year and absolutely love using my P4. I have my permission for aerial work from the CAA and always fly legally. However I am constantly worried about upsetting someone whilst flying and its taking away the fun of flying. I have been approached on many occasions...
  2. ranajee82

    Phantom Scared A man

    While flying in the village i noticed when phantom reached just on his head the man in the video just running away [emoji1]
  3. V

    DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Critically Low Battery Error

    Today i took the drone out of the car to film a sunset the battery was at 53% and as soon as i took it up i got a propulsion limited message which i thought was very strange, anyways i wasn't going far so i went a little further and higher and stayed there filming. Then i got a critically low...