1. Duchunter

    I wasn't going to say anything

    So I bought my new gimbal on eBay, got it on and it works BUT, it points off to the right. I figured it just needed a calibration, no big deal. I calibrated it several times and still it's off. I got to looking at it a little closer and the yaw arm is bent. Now this gimbal was guaranteed to be...
  2. W

    Beware of Scammer selling Phantom 4 Drone on Gumtree in Australia.

    This is a warning to anyone wishing to purchase any Drones from Gumtree. I was hit by a scammer on Gumtree last week who said that he was selling a Phantom 4 Drone as an unwanted present from Rainbow Beach. (I suspect not his real location as FAKE ADDRESS) The Seller gives you a BSB and...