san jose

  1. Kara Murphy

    Parks in the South Bay

    Hey Everyone, What are your favorite parks (where you can legally fly a drone) in the South Bay Area of California?
  2. C

    South Bay / San Jose / Los Gatos

    I am a recent transplant from Minneapolis, so finding new places has been a challenge. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone been flying at the local high schools or colleges. With the recent San Jose Park restrictions and Santa Clara County drone ban policy at county parks, flying...
  3. Steve Shead

    PSV with extra battery and hard case for sale

    I have a two month old, rarely flown Phantom 2 Vision with an extra battery and an aluminum hard case for sale. I have a P3A now so don't have a use for it. I'm in San Jose, CA - buyer pays shipping. Looking for $500.