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    Phantom 3 pro + Samsung Gear vr

    Hello guys, I've browse the forums and wasn't able to find a straight answer. read a few that says samsung gear VR is only compatible with p2 but others say it works with p3 professional with a slight mod on the samsung gear VR. can anyone explain the steps done to do the mod to get them...
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    Gear VR functionality, stay tuned

    I just bought last week a Samsung Gear VR (Consumer Edition $99) and read a lot about using it as a FPV headset. The problem is that as soon as you place your phone on the VR, the Oculus app activates. I have a rooted Note 5, I turned off the Gear VR Service app, that way I can launch Litchi on...
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    Use Samsung Gear VR work around

    I just got a set of the Gear VR Consumer Edition ($99) and have read about the possibility of using them as FPV monitor but as per information on the forums, you need to connect the phone (in my case Note 5) to the headset, that will auto activate the Oculus app. But if you dont have root, you...