samsung s2

  1. W

    Just purchased a Samsung Tab 2 9.7" and can't get the light bridge to work

    I just purchased the Phantom 4 a few weeks ago and I am having a ball, except I can't see a thing on the S5 so I purchased a tab S2 9.7" without the cell chip or service. The S2 still has the GPS chip and wifi but I can't get a picture off light stream. I connect my phone up without location...
  2. J

    tablet and size

    guys.. any recommendations on tablet and size? I'm currently using my Samsung s6 but alas it is a little small.. looking at the samsung s2 either 8" or 9.7"...... is 9.7" a little big though? I'm liking the 8" but would like to hear what everyone else's setup is... do share.