1. M

    Accessories for flying from a moving sailboat

    I am wondering if there are any devices/accessories which may make my life easier when flying from a moving sailboat. I have had about 30 flights hand launching and catching my drones (phantom 3p, 4a). One time when I was launching from a new boat (which had a different configuration of wires...
  2. gringorio

    Shark Boat Orbit, Isla Guadalupe

    On my last drone venture to Isla Guadalupe we also saw several shark diving boats. One day on the way back to land on the sailboat I saw one passing close by and decided to take a swing around it. You can see them dragging tuna and shark diving cages on the way to their next anchorage.
  3. G

    Floatation for Phantom 4

    I am sailing on Puget Sound this weekend and will be shooting our sailboat under sail. I came up with the ideal to cut a swim noodle to fit the landing struts of my Phantom 4. They don't really weight anything but wondered if anyone has had any experience with this. I plan to do a few test...
  4. J


    What an amazing place to fly! Hope everyone enjoys today's VLOG!!!
  5. GoLoves

    Phantom 4 Pro, Sailboat in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu Hawaii

    As I was driving up the windward side of O'ahu I saw a beautiful sailboat all alone in Kaneohe Bay not far from Chinaman's Hat. I sent my P4P out to say hi and was rewarded with some spectacular video. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think. I'm wide open to constructive feedback from...