s7 edge

  1. K4GAP

    S7 Edge rebooting

    Preparing for my first flight of my new P4P I connected my S7 Edge up to my controller. After a few seconds the phone did a reboot without being told too. Tried it again and same thing except it may have last a few seconds longer before phone rebooted. Tried a couple more times and once it...
  2. ProDrone

    S7 Edge remains on "Version check"

    Since the S7 Edge was added to the compatibility list, I have managed to fly my P4P once. After that flight the Go 4 app keeps on showing "Version check" and doesn't start up anymore. Is this a known problem with a standard solution? Just FYI. I have a Samsung S4 too, running LineageOS nightly...
  3. S

    Samsung S7 Edge Freeze P3P

    Has anyone had any issues with their S7 or S7 edge completely freeze when connecting to RC and GO APP, I have used my S7 before with no issues. Now I couldn't even turn off my phone, completely frozen, took me 15 mins and finally was able to reset. I am using Nova Launcher just installed and...