1. H


    Very recently bought a 4 Pro+. I'm looking for a rucksack for it. Should I be looking at ones that hold the parts of the drone in a custom rucksack or should I look for a rucksack to take the styrofoam box housing the drone?
  2. JAAir

    Excellent Service

    My new Anbee Backpack arrived yesterday morning. Bought it through from Tomy Toys. The reason I wanted to put this post is to show there are some good suppliers out there. I ordered this Sunday Night, and although the arrival date was for 5th August, it arrived yesterday morning, 5...
  3. MacBuster

    Interesting bag purchased

    Hello everyone, first time poster here. Just thought it would be nice to share some pictures of a rucksack I found in a sports store. It fits the P4 styrofoam case perfectly! The brand is Abu Garcia rucksack large. Here are some pictures. EDIT: Not XL but Large version.