rth button

  1. C

    Phantom 4 RTH

    just purchased a phantom 4 RTH works some of the time but than other times I push rth and it lands right where it is flying and doesn't return to home any thoughts on this?
  2. A

    Litchi Waypoint Mission -- a couple of scary experiences that have made me much more weary!

    I recently attempted a Litchi Waypoint Mission that I had already set up on my computer at home. The first thing I noticed, but didn't realize, is that it's entirely possible to load up a mission and simply hit the Play button on the tablet, and watch the drone take off from the ground and...
  3. Alex Assenmacher

    Proper RTH use

    Dear phantomers, it's sunday again and as it's tradition on my channel, I upload a new video :D. It's a new lecture taken of my course, this time about the proper use of the RTH function. There are a few things many pilots get confused with and I hope this video solves all your questions about...