roof inspections

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    Building up portfolio before CAA Approval?

    Potentially a silly question but cant hurt to ask - I am going to be doing a part time aerial photography business in a few months once I've completed a course and got CAA approval. So until then I want to get a good portfolio of images/videos for the website facebook ready for posting when I...
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    CAA - how can you do house roofing views?

    Read the CAA guidlines for commerical flights and it appears to say keep 50 metres away from buildings. So how do these companies that offer Roof Inspections get close? Do you need some kind of exception from CAA? Ive seen plenty of CAA Approved businesses offering it and videos of going much...
  3. A

    Using Phantom 4 Pro for Inspections and commercial jobs

    Hi Everyone, I'm starting a drone service business and looking to buy a P4 Pro. I'll be mainly doing inspection on roofs, cell towers, pipelines and possibly power lines. But will be starting off slow to gain experience and momentum. Would the P4 Pro suffice for these applications and do a...