rolling shutter

  1. Panamedia

    8-Bit (jittery, Wreck It Ralph) Cloud Shadows on UHD Footage

    So... as the title spells out in crystal clear detail, i have some footage that was captured earlier this year and just getting around to editing it for the client. Take a look at the link and see what I mean. Look close at the cloud shadows rolling across the field. They are jittery... like...
  2. M

    Mechanical vs. Electronic shutter and/or CMOS vs. CCD (or CMOS global)

    Mechanical shutter expose the full sensor (or film) at speeds below 1/250 sec. or so. At higher speeds curtains are closer and do not expose the entire sensor to the light at the same time. It can cause rolling shutter at higher speeds because pixels are not all exposed to the light at the same...