1. R

    7 Distinct Videos, 23 Tips, Shot in 29 Days

    Hello all! In the past month, I created 7 unique videos, 6 were unpaid, and each one with a whack ton of drone shots! If interested in checking out all 7 videos, 24 pictures, plus 23 tips, here is the full link post. Thank you! #Summer of Love - 7 Unique Stories in 29 Days Here's one of...
  2. Miner_jeff

    Greetings from Kelowna, BC & Rocanville, SK, Canada

    Hey there! Great community going on here. Tons of great posts! Look forward to learning and sharing as much as I can. I live in BC but am currently working in Sk and summer in NB. Flying in the evenings after work. P2V+ Hope to meet some local pilots. Below is my first Youtube video...