1. H

    anyone returned phantom for service? Strange address?

    Hello, Sadly, I need to send my P4P for fixing. I am in touch with customer service and received RMA number. But they gave me strange address to ship it to 17301 Edwards road, Cerritos, CA 90703 They did not give company name, or unit number. Just this. When I google it, i see several...
  2. Patrick

    DJI Self Service

    not sure if the link is published, but the DJI self service area is pretty handy! https://repair.dji.com/en/SelfRepair/Area
  3. N

    Sent in for lost signal, returned back with new problems

    I had to send off my month old p3s to be repaired for lost signal problems a couple weeks ago. They returned it back to me after replacing the remote and an esc control board. Repair cost was on them. Right out of the box from "repair", the new transmitter is missing the device holder...