1. Mike_in_Letcombe

    My first 'proper' attempt with Litchi

    This is my second attempt, as I tried yesterday but it all went wrong; too much wind, too heavy a filter (gave me a 'wobble') and horrible grey day anyway. Back up today to the Ridgeway above our house, to an Iron Age encampment (Segsbury Fort) and got some sweeping shots of the valley below...
  2. Mike_in_Letcombe

    Segsbury Fort up on the Ridgeway

    This was my first attempt with the Litchi app, trying to get some 'sweeping views' of the countryside down here in southern Oxfordshire. Lovely area to walk up to with the P4 in my super-duper backpack, even if it does weigh a ton by the time you get to the top! But the views, once you're up...
  3. Skyeyevideo

    Skyeyevideo - Thames Valley from the air spring 2015

  4. Skyeyevideo

    Aerial mix - South Oxfordshire, England

    Aerial mix - South Oxfordshire, England -
  5. Skyeyevideo

    A village in The Chilterns, South Oxfordshire

  6. Skyeyevideo

    Watlington White Mark - Oxfordshire

    Watlington White Mark - Oxfordshire - h
  7. Skyeyevideo

    Chiltern Chase charity run - The course.

    An aerial Winters eye view of a run that takes place in the height of summer -
  8. Skyeyevideo

    Aerial photos of picturesque Oxfordshire village..

    Where I grew up. Not in the church! -
  9. Skyeyevideo

    12th century Wallingford Castle (or what's left!) - Oxfordshire, England

    12th century Wallingford Castle (or what's left!) - Oxfordshire, England
  10. Skyeyevideo

    Autumn awesomeness in the Chiltern Hills, Oxfordshire

    My local woods in the Autumn sunshine. -
  11. Skyeyevideo

    Rooks this time, not a Red Kite

    A busy Rookery at the start of the nesting season - South Oxfordshire -
  12. Skyeyevideo

    Stonor Valley, Chiltern Hills, Oxfordshire, England

    Stonor Valley in Oxfordshire