1. A

    Just starting need help

    Hi Everybody! Took my SE over to Green Lane Park. No WiFi at the park. One of the Rangers said I need a hot spot. Looked into hot spots but I saw some negative reviews on data costs and I don’t want a monthly service. What are my options? Thanks!
  2. Nowelly

    Quick review: FPVLR Circular Polarised antennas for Phantom 4 Professional

    Why bother with circular polarised antennas? Well - for those who know about radio transceiver systems, it all boils down to three elements: range, signal strength and reliability, and penetration. But there is more also. The linear stock antennas, regardless of whether you have parabolic...
  3. M

    I started uploading daily drone videos!

    Hey Guys, Since purchasing the Phantom 4 (long exposure photo, below), I've started editing and uploading a new drone video every single day! I'm calling it a Drog (Drone Vlog). You can check out the first one I made, here: . I just posted episode 19 today and it's definitely become a great...