return to home not working

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    No home point?

    Hey folks, so I got my Phantom 3 standerd today and went for the first flight, I LOVE IT! but am having an issue with the home point. When I start the Ph 3 it says "setting home poi...." and won't complete the sentence......I thought no big deal until I pressed return to home when it was way out...
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    How do you initiate a re-install of the aircraft firmware and the rc controller? I've been using my Phantom Advance for the last week and decided to pull out the Standard. When I started the rc and copter, it said that there was an update needed. Dummy here, I cannot remember if it was the...
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    Return to Home Issues

    I have an issue with RTH that started about four months ago. Even with 10-12 satellites, when I hit RTH one day, it just hovered for a while and was moving with the wind. It behaved like it was in ATTI mode. I was calm and used the small diamond on the monitor to fly back to the take-off...