1. D

    Where are my TFRs if there are any?

    Hi everyone! Quick question, where is the best and easiest place to check for tfrs every time before I fly? I want to always know if there is one before ever taking off. I currently use Airmap, but I don't know if it gives up to date tfrs. I'm hoping for an app to check tfrs, rather than a...
  2. Andy9

    How is about the drone flights in UK ?

    I am planning a trip to GB within next few months. As I'm going to take the drone, I would like to know if in the UK something differs from other countries in EU? I would like to film some interesting castles, gardens and cliffs. Thanks!
  3. O

    Flying Block Area ?

    Hi All, i don't know if my question suitable for this Forum, My Question is , how can i make Flight restricted area for all Remote Phantom? i don't want any Phantom going to enter this Area (1Km2) for example. is there any Jammer ?
  4. B

    New undocument 1.4 firmware restrictions / additions and no fly zones.

    Hello.. In typical DJI fashion regarding their lack of proper documentation and change logs. There are at least two new restrictions / changes that are not documented or mentioned in the 1.4 firmware update that some of you may be interested in knowing about. First one is new no fly zones...