1. E

    Hiring a P4 Pro - Their App or Yours?

    Hi all, Have been using my Mavic for around 9 months, and have a job where production company are hiring P4 Pro. Simple question: Do I use hire company App Details - or Mine? Many thanks, Luke
  2. firepol

    Lend/rent drone - how to handle the DJI Go account?

    Hi, I wanna lend my drone to my brother, but I don't wanna give him my personal login and password for the DJI account. So I wonder how should I instruct him? He has to create his own DJI account, then when he connects the RC to his handheld device, opens DJI Go, login in Go he will simply see...
  3. H

    Vancouver area Drone user

    Hey all, I'm looking to find out if anyone knows of a place to rent a phantom 4 for this upcoming weekend in Vancouver. DJI can't expedite my shipment and it'll be getting to my place once I'm already in BC. Any other suggestions?
  4. A

    Renting a P3S in the US

    Hey everyone- I am torn between bringing my P3S to the States (traveling from Asia) because of two things- a) pretty cumbersome, so many things to carry around during travel and b) still a bit confused on the FAA regulations and local laws (tried to register my drone but you need a US address to...