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    Videos of Moving Water always have horrible artifacts

    This goes beyond UAVs into video editing. But it comes up every time I shoot moving water (rivers) from above (P3P or Mavic). I export from Premiere Pro using different formats (wmv,mp4/h.264) and bit rates. Usually exporting to 1080p whether I shot at 4k or 1080. No matter what export settings...
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    What are these areas with different colors in my video?

    I'm new to photography, I bought my P4 a week ago, and while editing on Davinci Resolve 12.5 I've notice the following: In this very zoomed in pic you can see that there are many of these spots that have a different color (more yellowish or reddish). In the first image I used red lines so you...
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    Rendering with phantom 4

    I have an opportunity to work with an architecture firm that is asking for video and camera gimbal information in order to post render a building onto the vacant lot they have. 1.) I did read a thread (that I cannot now find) that mentioned getting camera gimbal x,y,z infro through pix4d? 2.) Is...