remote charge

  1. engineer_girl

    Professional Controller not holding charge

    I (somewhat recklessly in hindsight) purchased a used Phantom 3 Professional/controller/batteries secondhand over facebook marketplace. The previous owner demonstrated about ~5 minutes of flight to show that everything worked. However, when I went to fly the drone, the controller would power on...
  2. FlyingChair

    RFC: Birdhouse - a robotic FPV airport

    Hello PhantomPilots! I could use your feedback on a product I'm developing called "Birdhouse". Its a remote, robotic FPV airport for consumer drones like the Phantom. Prototype stage, but ready to spill the beans: Flying Chair - Introducing Birdhouse Birdhouse installs outside and connects to...
  3. P

    Phantom 4- Remote not holding charge

    Hello everyone I'm a newbie so please bare with me... So I purchased a P4 and an extra battery last week, and I charged my batteries and controller to a full charge prior to my first flight. Last night during my 3rd flight my controller started beeping and a red light started flashing due to...