remote battery

  1. engineer_girl

    Professional Controller not holding charge

    I (somewhat recklessly in hindsight) purchased a used Phantom 3 Professional/controller/batteries secondhand over facebook marketplace. The previous owner demonstrated about ~5 minutes of flight to show that everything worked. However, when I went to fly the drone, the controller would power on...
  2. A

    Remote doesn't charge more than 95-96% for first time

    I may do something wrong, but this is my second P3P (first plane was faulty), and both (the first and this new one) charged just until 95-96% for first time... Is this normal? Will the battery take more charge after a time of use? Is it a fw error? I used a third party charger, but it works...
  3. S

    GL300F: A Very Faint Beep from Deep Inside?

    I have a GL300F that is spare because the P4P it was paired with crashed and disappeared into 30 of murky water earlier this summer. I recently went to pair it with a Phantom 4 whose remote isn't charging properly and did so successfully. However, a few days later the remote battery was totally...