1. G

    Should we get a refund?

    Short version - we have a faulty drone and want a refund, DJI want to replace the battery (again) but we are not interested. Longer version below. My wife very generously decided to get me a drone for my birthday and spoke to the local DJi representative who recommended she get the DJI Vision...
  2. PlanetPapi

    Poor Lily drone is shutting down!

    $34 millions in funding but still has to shut down. Irony. Unable to fund production of its camera drone, Lily will shut down and refund customers
  3. L

    Still waiting for a refund after 5 months!

    When I bought my P4, the gimbal was defective. I was approved for a refund and sent it back in. After three weeks with no refund, I started calling to ask about the status. I have called at least twice a week since then and I keep getting the same answer, "we are so sorry, and we will follow...