1. jimlips

    Prop reflection in video? Not sure, what do you think?

    I've got a P3 Advanced that I've got about 300 flights on. Love the video quality. I've noticed that on sunny days, if I get to a certain angle to the sun, you can see what looks like propeller reflection in the video. It isn't the actual propeller I'm seeing, more like something reflecting...
  2. T

    Weird "Glow" "Reflection" "Glare" in footage

    I noticed this weird glow / glare in my footage, happens in almost all my footage since the beginning. It's not the ND filters, same happens with the stock protective cap. I will try to see if the same happens without the protective cap. Is like if there's a problem to the sensor or a...
  3. F

    Shadow Boxing with Phantom

    Hey All, Any idea how to get rid of the reflection/shadow of the copter whilst flying on low sunset? Please! Apart from not flying during of course! :)