1. garrock

    Video: Two-Man Team | Car Driver & Drone Operator

    Thought I'd share this past weekends flight experience. I was operating the drone sitting comfortably inside a moving car and still maintained a strong radio link. *** No more standing outside exposed to the weather *** Two-Man Team: Car Driver Drone Operator PS... Big shout out to DBS. My...
  2. garrock

    Phantom 3 Standard - Separating Control from both 2.4 and 5.8ghz Uplink

    I made the cut ! chose a handful of companies to interview and showcase at the Interdrone Expo. (I'm right in there with DJI !) Its not for sale yet but not far away now from Kickstarting for the Phantom 2 Vision+ Active adapting it to the Phantom 3 Standard Hopefully by Christmas...