red lights flash

  1. Nakelp86

    From green to flashing red

    Strange thing happened few days ago. I tried to discharge my battery to 50% since i knew I was not going to fly for few days, so I took it for a spin (actually hover) in my backyard and hoped I could get the sunset. I had 9-10 sats on my screen went up about 100 feet up and stayed there for few...
  2. M

    flashing red lights and no camera connection, troubleshooting?

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can shed some light on a problem I've unexpectedly encountered. I used the P3P successfully less than a month ago. At the time all firmware was up to date. I put it back in it's case and that was that. I'm off on a shoot on monday so yesterday I got the thing out...
  3. R

    New ESC board - No Flying

    I hit a branch and Phantom tipped forward. Burned out ESC board. Ordered new ESC for Vision 2 and got ESC V2.0 . Changed ESC but now motors will not start. Serail #PH645420185 V3.0 When fired up Green light flashes then Yellow Flashes. When pulling levers down to start the Red Lights...