recording problem

  1. R

    Micro SD card worked...but only for 15 seconds. Go figure.

    Just a quick note in case anyone else might run into this weird experience with a micro SD card . I was using an older 64GB Sandisk micro SD card in the P4P. I had used it quite a lot in previous drones with GoPros and it might have even served time in my phone before that. Well, while actually...
  2. John Bollinger

    Standard Need help solving issue

    Hey guys and gals, I recently had to return my p3s back to the store of purchase as it was destroying sd cards. They have exchanged out for a new drone in the box, however I am having issues with it. When I took it from the box everything worked just fine. In the last 2 days I have...
  3. K

    Video recording Image frozen/corrupt (P3P 4k 30fps)

    Hi there, I've had my P3P for quite a few months now and have about 50 flights on it. Encountered an odd problem the other day that I've never had before. While viewing my 4k recording on the computer, there is about 1sec of normal footage, then the video image freezes and stays like this for...