1. N

    Help: Low Video Quality Suddenly

    Hello! I need some help with my Phantom 3 Standard. I've had it for 6 months from new with no problems, then suddenly the video quality reduced dramatically. I have two examples for reference (though keeping in mind vimeo knocked the quality down): Normal video quality: Recent video quality...
  2. C

    Cannot see record button

    I can see everything else in the DJI Go app, but when I want to record and I cannot see the button to record at all. I know where it's supposed to be but it's not there. I'm using the DJI Phantom 3.
  3. C

    How to record on the DJI Go app while using an iPhone 4

    Help me! I'm using an iPhone 4 to control my drone and lately and it's been working perfect. The only problem that constantly happens to occur is I can't see any of the buttons on the right when in flight mode. I can't see the record button, photo button but yet I can see the three dots in the...
  4. Argoxp

    Testing my new 2w Amp. (New range personal Record 11,158ft)

    Well Just got home after testing my new amp, that I got on Ebay for 20 bucks, pretty cool gadget for the prices. I got an increase of 1.5km and that with an omnidirectional antenna, for my next try im using a Flat panel antenna an try to get to the 5km mark. Anyway here is the video.