range test

  1. D

    2 mile range attempt

  2. J


  3. M

    Argtek mod... garbage?

    So I ordered the Argtek mod with 10dbi antenna last month. It arrived last week. I wanted to conduct pure range test (no wifi, cell tower interference) so I packed up my P3S and flew to Mexico City. Found an empty field with at least 10km of empty space. I performed the first test with the...
  4. Nemanja

    Phantom 4 maximum travel distance

    Sorry if this topic was brought up before...I quickly rifled through forum and couldn't find maximum travel distance of Phantom 4. I managed to pull off around 14.2 KM of total flight distance(46916 feet), 7 KM in one direction. The battery was at 97% before flight, and I made a couple of...
  5. BruSimm

    Range Cuts Out When I Rotate Bird

    Hey gang, For a while now (code for since two firmware updates ago) I thought I had a firmware issue. I had been flying my P3S drone out to several hundred feet away from me, at the 375-foot altitude. But then after one update, I suddenly found myself being limited to 1-300 feet at most...
  6. bernek

    Range Test - P2V + ITELITE DBS-01

    I've done some tests in close vicinity of my home on some hills there I've reached 1100-1200 meters. (~4000 ft). I could have tried a little further but was getting quite a lot of disconnects. All the tests are done with RE500. (I have one RE700 on the way for 1 month already shipped with USPS...