1. MassDrone


    A sunny afternoon flight over the forest in New England. Spotty rain showers off in the distance. One shower is in just the right direction to grace us a with a rainbow.
  2. DroneTurismo

    First time catching a rainbow

    It was a decent rainbow. The top arch had faded a bit by the time I felt it was dry enough to fly. Either way it was nice to finally get a better view of the lake with the Phantom compared to the toy drone i had before :)
  3. tml4191

    Hailing Rainbow HDR

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  4. J.R. Maddox

    Halo or Rainbow in my photos (Phantom 4)

    Ok I just notice this happening in a couple of my photos and I thought it was due to the night sky but I took another photo yesterday and and I noticed it again. Can anyone tell me why... I cleaned the lens and I dont see anything on the lens. It just started a few days ago. If anyone has any...