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    Connect PH4pro aircraft to PH3Pro controller

    Hello guys, I have a phantom 4 pro with a controller that needs to be replaced due to faulty battery. Mean while I have a number of PH3Pro controllers laying around and I was wondering if someone can walk Mr through the process of linking to my Phantom 4 pro? What I tried: I downgraded a PH3Pro...
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    P2V swapping radio tx module in remote controller

    Dear pilots Im new to the forum, but not so new to RC and flying phantoms. I've searched half of the web to find the answer, but with no success. So I am asking you for help. I think about using my remote from P2 v.2 (2.4Ghz) with P2V at 5.8Ghz. I have both remotes on both frequencies, but I...
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    MY RC messing up

    I took my bird out today to fly, and when I took off and went to go forward, the cyclet stick on my RC is sticky it has a catch in about 1/2 way to forward then have to pull it back. I never had a problem with my bird and now I got this problem. I got my P3P from a seller on this forum, he got...